About us

Accident Investigation, collision reconstruction and Forensic Investigation – (Formerly Elliott Adams Associates Ltd) Established in 1993, we are a highly respected and established company of Collision Reconstruction experts, Accident Investigators, Forensic Investigations, Expert Witnesses, accident reconstruction Experts and specialist Vehicle Examiners/Automotive Engineers providing independent expert advice and expert witness support to the legal profession, Insurance companies and to the road transport industry in road traffic related matters.

The company operates from Cambridgeshire, providing Expert Witness solutions for the Police, Solicitors, Barristers, insurance companies and transport companies in the UK and worldwide, including Hong Kong, Canada, Egypt, Germany, The Channel Isles, Bahrain & South Africa.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced Accident Investigators are regularly instructed in both criminal and civil proceedings and provide expert witness testimony on all legal platforms.

The Company is registered in the UK Directory of Checked Expert Witnesses and the Sweet & Maxwell Directory of checked Expert Witnesses.

We provide independent, impartial, honest and un-biased Expert Witness testimony.

We seek to offer high professional standards and to this end our scientists and consultants collectively have many years’ reporting experience and accreditations including The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, The Institute of the Motor Industry, Sweet & Maxwell, UK Directory of Expert Witnesses and The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences.

We are fully compliant with the Woolf reforms, Civil Procedure Rules, Criminal Procedure Rules are we are trained Single Joint Experts.

The severity, nature and extent of road traffic incidents are very diverse. Road traffic accidents/ collisions can be the culmination of a number of different events involving a combination of factors either causatory or contributory.

Our Accident Investigator will analyse the available evidence as a whole, both physical & witness, and prepare reconstruction reports, comment on contributory negligence and in doing so can address factors including Vehicle speed, condition of vehicles, the road layout, lines of sight, visibility issues, driver reactions, pedestrian movement, pedestrian conspicuity, carry out reconstructions at the collision scene at any time of day relevant to the circumstances, weather conditions, component failure and tyre failures and assess CCTV footage. We can also research the accident statistics for a particular section of road to see whether there is any evidence to show it is an accident blackspot and then assess any reasons as to why this should be so.

In civil cases we often find that due to our knowledge and experiences we can advise instructing parties that there is potentially a vast amount of additional evidence that could be available from the Police or insurance assessors / companies that they may not be aware of and we can provide a list of what to ask for and where to ask. This can often assist a case greatly.

Contact us for initial advice at no cost to you. Detailed quotations suitable for submission to the Legal Services Commission are also provided FREE OF CHARGE.