Collision & Accident Reconstruction Experts

What is Accident Reconstruction?

One of the most effective ways to ascertain the contributory factors in an accident is to reconstruct the exact circumstances under which it took place. Sometimes there are obvious reasons for an accident, such as poor weather conditions resulting in limited visibility, but sometimes there are a number of elements which all combine to create a situation in which a collision occurs.

Where an accident has resulted in injury to one or more parties, an accurate picture of the events which led up to the incident can be vital in obtaining a settlement from those responsible. In some cases, the fault can be ascertained relatively easily, but in more complex scenarios where negligence is compounded by a vehicular fault, road layout or simply unfortunate timing.

Accident (collision) Analysis & Investigations

Physical evidence, witness evidence, vehicles involved, road layout & geometry, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and driver behaviour.

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Accident (collision) Reconstruction

Tyre, grind & slide marks, pedestrian throw distance, speed and movement of pedestrians, coefficient of friction, driver reaction times, mass of vehicles, vehicle performance, vehicle test data and position of vehicles at impact can all be modelled mathematically in combination with the fundamental laws of motion in order to determine speeds and a reconstruction of events.

We do comprehensive vehicle examination checks, but, more importantly, we interpret the data collected to provide a report which includes physical evidence collected from the vehicle, witness statements, CCTV and precise measurements of anything that is pertinent to the case.

In cases where someone has been injured and is seeking compensation, being able to pinpoint the exact circumstances that led to an accident can be vital in ensuring that those who are entitled to recompense receive it.


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