Forensic CCTV Analysis

In most cases, having CCTV footage of an accident or a recording from a dash-cam could provide answers to many of the questions that might arise in the aftermath of an accident. This technology can be used to establish fault on the part of one individual or another and help to piece together the events leading to an accident in many cases. However, there are circumstances under which the causes of an accident cannot be determined simply by watching footage of the accident.

In these cases, forensic examination of the footage by an expert can yield more information than might first be apparent. It can be possible to determine the speed at which the vehicles are travelling, to ascertain the sight lines involved and such analysis can yield additional information about the circumstances of the accident which can add to the broader understanding of what happened.

CCTV and dash cam footage is now in regular use throughout the UK and can provide critical evidence when conducting speed assessments or just a general overview/analysis of an accident as it occurs. We can review the CCTV evidence in conjunction with the application of Forensic Accident Analyses where critical detail is often overlooked. Analysis of all forms of CCTV, Video and Imagery.

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