Data Collision & Computer Simulation

Data Collision Analysis

When an accident is investigated, reconstructions can be an important factor in working out exactly what happened. Modern technology makes it possible to simulate a variety of different scenarios which can help to determine the causes and contributory factors in any accident, allowing a variety of different variables to be altered in order to determine which are important and which may not be.

When there has been a serious accident, especially when there has been a death by dangerous driving, the need to understand exactly what happened is important for all those involved: the police, legal professionals who may be contributing to any resulting court case, and the family and friends of those who are affected by the accident.

Collision Simulation

Computer simulations can be used to determine whether any of those involved in an accident are to blame, whether any of the vehicles involved were faulty in any way and what other elements may have contributed to the accident.

A scale diagram of the accident site can be generated and manipulated to include physical details obtained from the actual site, witness statements from those involved, any CCTV that might exist, the examination of the vehicles involved and any other information that is available.

The computer simulation will incorporate all the evidence obtained by the investigators, including the starting position of the vehicle(s) involved, the positions of any pedestrians or other individuals involved, the impact point, skid marks and any other details that are available.

The computer simulation uses the laws of physics and all known information about the crash to determine how it occurred. This means that a number of things can be determined: the speed of the vehicle(s) involved, whether the brakes were deployed or not, whether a driver took defensive action or not, and vital calculations which could determine whether the accident would have occurred had one or more factors been altered.

We can model certain data in order to prepare 3D simulations of road traffic collisions using the latest highly advanced computer software entitled FARO and ARAS360HD.

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