Event Data Recorder Imaging & Analysis

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  1. Vehicles manufactured in the last 20 years have begun to include devices that have recording capabilities. The devices are called Electronic Data Recorders (EDR) and are often referred to as “Black Boxes”.
  2. 96% of vehicles being manufactured today have EDR capabilities.
  3. The EDR capabilities are most often built into the vehicle airbag electronic control unit.
  4. EDR data can contain up to 10 seconds of pre-crash data.
  5. EDR data is recorded by the millisecond, so that changes in the data can be viewed in the fractions of a second range.
  6. EDR can include data such as:
    1. Vehicle speed
    2. Engine RPM
    3. Applied throttle percentage
    4. Brake pedal position (applied or not applied)
    5. Hydraulic brake system pressure
    6. Anti-lock brake activation
    7. Stability control activation
    8. Vehicle deceleration rates
    9. Seat belt status (buckled or not buckled)
    10. Occupant status (driver and passenger presence
    11. Air bag deployment details
    12. Steering input
    13. Transmission status

Elliott Forensics is dedicated to being at the forefront of this technology and how it can be utilised in collision investigation. Our team of certified Bosch technicians and data analysts can retrieve and analyse pre-crash data from these modules.