Fraudulent Damage & Claims Investigator

Fraudulent claims for vehicular accidents have been on the rise in recent years. So-called ‘Cash for Crash’ claims is increasing as drivers take advantage of the likelihood of insurers paying out for injuries sustained in an accident without fully investigating the surrounding circumstances.

Fraudulent Accident Claims

One of the most common types of fraud claims involves a driver braking suddenly for no reason, sometimes shortly after changing lanes, leaving the car behind them no time or space to avoid a collision.

These incidents cost insurers millions of pounds a year due to inflated claims for vehicle recovery and injuries and can result in significantly raised insurance premiums for the drivers involved if they are unable to prove that they were not at fault.

In cases involving suspected fraudulent insurance claims and possible staged or contrived collisions, we can look at the whole circumstances, road layout, vehicle dynamic and carry out forensic inspections for damage consistency.

We also have the ability and expertise to download data from event data recorders (EDR’s) from compatible vehicles and then analyse the crash data retained.

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