Motorcycle Accidents & Collisions

Accidents involving motorcycles are often very different from those between larger vehicles, mostly due to the relative visibility of a motorcycle on the road compared to cars. Because they are smaller and often move differently to other traffic, motorcycles can be particularly vulnerable on the roads, so reconstructing an accident where a motorcycle had been involved will include investigative elements which are specific to them.

Motorcycle Accident Analysis

There are considerable differences between motorcycles and 4 wheeled vehicles during collisions and how they perform on the road. Handling dynamics, occupant/passenger kinematics, differences in construction, performance, visibility of and how they generate marks on the road surface, amongst other things, are all taken into account when reconstructing collisions involving motorcycles. Our Experts are highly experienced in investigating motorcycle collisions.

Cases, where a motorcycle has been involved in a collision, are investigated in a manner that determines if and when the motorcycle would have become visible to the other driver, ascertaining lines of sight, the speeds of all the vehicles involved and the possible outcomes had any of the variables been different.

Because of the forces at play in keeping a motorcycle upright, the evidence at the scene of a collision must be collected by investigators who are experienced in dealing with the unique challenges that this type of case presents. It is vital that the data is interpreted by experts who are able to pinpoint the pertinent details of the case.

By using specialist techniques, it is possible to ascertain whether or not an accident was caused by negligence on the part of one or both drivers and whether there are any other contributory factors to a collision.

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