Rob Elliott is without doubt one of the most outstanding experts you could hope to instruct. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, but incredibly approachable, very efficient and very accessible for both lawyers and juries. He always listens carefully to instructions and reasoned argument and always goes the extra mile. His easy manner and highly professional standards, mean that you are always best prepared and on the front foot in any case, no matter how difficult the issues or evidence.

I was very impressed with your approach to the case and the delivery of the report. I would certainly instruct you again and recommend you to other other firms. Acquitted of dangerous driving and assault PC.

The reports we have had prepared by Rob Elliott are of the highest standard.
He is a pleasure to work with, ensuring that all issues arising in the case are addressed.

I am writing to thank you and your team for the fantastic efforts you made with regard to Mr x’s case. I have no doubt that your efforts went some considerable way to securing the acquittal.

I would be very grateful if you could pass our thanks onto Mr Elliott for his work on the above file. His report was extremely balanced, and his input at the trial was extremely helpful to achieving a fair result for Mr Johnson.

As a solicitor, I have instructed Robert in many driving related criminal defence cases. His assistance has been invaluable in cases where clients have been accused of offences ranging from murder to careless driving.
He has a comprehensive grasp of his subject and an ability to provide reports which are clear. Importantly, he is able to provide this evidence in an adversarial trial environment in an effective and persuasive manner.

I instructed Robert in relation to a difficult allegation of causing death by careless driving. The issues around causation were very complex involving the interpretation of many competing factual accounts coupled with somewhat conflicting physical evidence. Not only did Robert assist myself in relation to the collation and interpretation of this evidence but he was able to elucidate his propositions when giving evidence so that the jury could properly apply their collective thoughts in determining fault. I was mightily impressed with the integrity he displayed and his measured and importantly even handed approach to his assessment of the evidence so that crucially when giving evidence it was clear he spoke from a position of authority without bias. It goes without saying that he was well presented, punctual and communicatve throughout our dealings and I have no hesitation in recommending the use of his intellect and services.

We write to thank Mr Elliott for his exceptional standards of delivery in general and the exercise of his professional expertise in particular in every aspect of this case. His inspection of the vehicles and reconstruction was comprehensive. His report was clear and easily understood by lay persons. His advice to Counsel at Court was invaluable. The manner in which he gave his evidence and the content thereof was unarguably persuasive in laying before the jury the simplicity of the propositions in this case which the prosecution (and their own Expert in particular) had only sought to complicate. Counsel reports to us that is in no doubt that Mr Elliott’s contribution to the evidence in this trial was the primary reason for justice so plainly being done…

Thank you for your blunt expert and independent advice which concentrated the mind of all the parties and we are sure in the long run has probably saved Mrs xxxxx quite a lot of money.

I have spoken to two of the referees who provided very impressive references. I look forward to working with you on this interesting case

I would like to thank you for your considerable and indeed invaluable assistance in this case

Many thanks also to Rob Elliott for his excellent work in this matter.

A short note tothank you for your assistance throughout my accident investigation and court case. I beleive that the advice that you gave me on my first call in advising for me to have my motor investigated was instrumental in the overall success of the defence.

We would like to thank you for the speed at which this excellent report was prepared and hand delivered to us

Thank you for your report and kind assistance in this case. The case has now been disposed of…The content of your report researched that the prosecution accepted that they could not rely upon the tachograph evidence. We can also assure you that if any stage in the future this firm or any other colleagues have any similar type of case where tachograph is required we will have no hesitation in approaching you or recommending you or your firm.

I have no doubt that your excellent report governed the decision of the CPS to discontinue this matter

At Court on the 24th October the CPS indicated that thier Expert agreed with the contents of your report and therefore they offered no evidence

Dear Mr Elliott

I assume that you have heard that I was found to be NOT GUILTY by the Jury last week.

My family and I realise that this was in large measure due to the meticulous reconstruction and subsequent report that you prepared.

We are sure also that your impartiality and transparent honesty whilst in the witness box did much to influence the Jury.

My Grateful thanks